Average Height: 8’8" – 9’4"
Average Weight: 1000lbs – 1300lbs

Positive Traits

Size (+2): Aurochians are very large and dense. They add +2 to Toughness. They may have difficulty using items made for smaller beings.

Long Limbs (+1): Their size and long limbs give Aurochians +1 Reach.

Strong (+2): Aurochians are stronger than most races. They begin play with a d6 in Strength.

Ripping Claws (+2): Aurochians have powerful claws that they employ in hunting and battle. They do not count as unarmed combatants. The claws do Strength + d6 damage, AP 2.

Negative Traits

All Thumbs (-2): Aurochians aren’t good with delicate equipment. They suffer a -2 penalty to the Repair skill at all times. In addition, when an Aurochian uses a mechanical or electronic device, a roll of 1 on their skill die(regardless if their Wild Die) means the device is broken. The damage usually requires a Repair roll at -2 and 1d6 hours to fix.

Outsider (-2): Aurochians are second class citizens within the Rakash empire and are mainly employed as soldiers or menial workers. Combined with their brutish and violent demeanor, this causes them to be viewed as dangerous and dim thugs. Shopkeepers may try and charge Aurochians more, ignore their requests for help, and generally view them as untrustworthy or unsavory. Their Charisma also receives a -4 penalty when dealing with non-Aurochians.

Colorblind (-1): Aurochians cannot see color.


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