Positive Traits

Tough Hide(+1): Gama’ari have thick, leathery skin which grants them +2 armor.

Used to Hardship (+3): Being used to and constantly expecting adversity, Gama’ari do not receive a wound from a second Shaken result in combat.

Negative Traits

Fate is Cruel (-2): Gama’ari believe that the universe is naturally cruel, especially to them. Whenever a Gama’ari uses a Benny to re-roll, they must make a spirit check. If they fail, the Benny is lost, and they may not use a Benny for this roll.

Cold-Averse (-1): Gama’ari are not truly cold-blooded, but they are uncomfortable in cold environments. They take a -4 penalty to resist cold environmental effects, and take +4 damage from cold and ice based attacks.


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