Along with many civilian ships, a Gruun industrial fleet was trapped in hyperspace when the Eclipse struck.

In the region name here the business-minded Gruun captains quickly realized that they were in a uniquely powerful position. While other races may have had more numbers or weapons, they were in possession of the only factory-ships in the quadrant

Captains argued over money/strategy. Broke away from each other to create two megacorps. Provide 80% of the manufacturing power of the quadrant.

Height: 4’6" – 5’4"
Weight: 300lbs – 450lbs

Capitalist turtles? Capitalist turtles!

Armored Shell: Gruun have a heavily armored shell capable of stopping small arms fire. This grants them +4 armor.

Slow and Steady: Due to their weight and slow metabolism, Gruun have a Pace of 4

Capitalism, ho!: Gruun are obsessed with profit and treasure and will argue endlessly over the smallest amount of money when they think they have claim to it. This functions as the Greedy Hindrance(Minor).

Born Accountant: Gruun learn to balance books and run a business at an early age. Thanks to this education, they start with a d6 in Smarts.


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