Average Height: 4’ – 4’ 4"
Average Weight: 45lbs – 50lbs

Positive Traits

Insect Anatomy (+3): R’zz’k have a second pair of arms. They may take a second non-movement action each round. This action does not incur a mult-action penalty.

Skittering (+2): R’zz’k are move with precision and agility. They begin play with a d6 in Agility.

Insect Senses (+1): R’zz’k have Infravision. They round penalties for bad lighting, rounding down, when attacking living targets.

Negative Traits

No Muscles (-3): As with other insects, R’zz’k do not use muscles to move. Because of this, they can never advance Strength beyond a d6.

Small (-1): Due to the limits of insect physiology, R’zz’k are smaller and lighter than many races. They have -1 Toughness.


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