Positive Racial Traits

Gear-Head (+2): Seega are good with technology. They start with a free d6 in Repair and do not take -2 penalty when using Repair without tools.

Fast Metabolism (+2): Seega heal quickly. They may make a natural Healing roll once per day instead of once per week.

Agile (+2): Seega have great manual dexterity. They start play with a d6 in Agility.

Negative Racial Traits

Hyposmia (-1): Seega have a terrible sense of smell and take a -2 to Notice rolls using smell.

Overly Perfumed (-2): Their habit of wearing strong perfume, makes Seega bad at sneaking. They have have a -2 to Stealth rolls made against enemies who can smell.

Small (-1): Seega are small in stature. They have -1 to Size and Toughness.


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