The Desolation

Humans settled in a place they called Homestead.

When The Anathema arrived, they attacked Homestead. Using their powerful weapons, they caused multiple stars to explode killing the majority of humans in haven.

This swath of space is full of the burned husks of planets. While it has an infamous reputation as a cursed and miserable place, some enterprising individuals visit it. Rare materials can be gathered from the burnt planets, and while the extreme heat, seismic activity, and occasional raids from pirates and The Anathema make it dangerous, the deep craters and depleted crust of the planets make the materials more accessible.

Some explorers even search the dead worlds for surviving Ancient outposts. When one is found, it becomes a race to loot as much as possible. The Anathema obsessively hunt for these ruins as well, and they pursue any ships they detect.

The Desolation

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