The Story so Far

Scrap, ruins, psykers, and spaceships.

In the far future multiple alien races have been thrown across the universe and forced into their first contact with each other.

The hyperspace beacons that each race depended on to make hyperspace travel safe mysteriously went dark one day trapping billions in hyperspace. Then a strange beacon signal appeared, visible to all races, guiding them to a safe exit.

On jumping back to normal space, races from across the universe meet for the first time. For many, it is the first contact their race has made with any alien species.

Cut off from their home systems they are forced to co-exist in a forgotten corner of the universe littered with the ruins of an advanced ancient race.

A lack of resources and the cost of having to effectively rebuild their civilizations has eroded the average technology level of society created a mix of high and low-tech. Spaceships load crops farmed in field plowed by animal-power. Oil lamps and candles light rooms with advanced computers.

The Council, made up of representatives all the races that found their way to this place, strives to keep the peace. It’s a difficult task when all of its member governments have their own goals and agendas. To this end, The Council has decreed that all ancient tech is Council property, with extremely steep punishments handed out to those who break this law. Because of this, the black market for ancient tech is very lucrative, if very risky. To counter the smugglers, pirates, and “grave robbers,” The Council issues Sigils to lucky and brave crews, giving them the authority of The Council to plunder ancient ruins for lost technology. All ancient tech must be turned over to The Council, for a reward, while any trinkets or artifacts are the crew’s to sell.

The first generation of people to be born in this galaxy displayed a trait never encountered before. A small percentage of them manifested psionic powers. The different governments all rushed to develop their own psionic soldiers, spies, and assassins, while at the same time becoming increasing paranoid about the wielders of these new powers. To most citizens, psions are looked at with fear and distrust; their power and tendency to go violently insane or explode winning them few friends.

With the advent of psionics, exploration through hyperspace became less suicidal. A group of psions of all races from a remote colony world gained a unique ability: Starsight. The bearers of this trait are all born blind, but when taken into hyperspace where the absence of light makes everyone blind, they are able to see. What’s more, their Starsight allows them to read the normal space that hyperspace connects to, allowing them to plot a course to an intended destination and have the ship emerge in open space instead of inside a sun or black hole. Recognizing the power this would give them, they called themselves The Pathfinders, were given a seat on The Council, and had themselves declared completely neutral in all conflicts with treaties of protection and non-aggression signed by every government. In exchange for this, The Pathfinders would offer their guides to anyone, so long as they could pay. While most of the galaxy fears and avoids psions, The Pathfinders are treated as dangerous royalty. Mistreating or insulting one of their members is usually the last mistake a person makes.

It has been 500 years since the beacons went dark. This remote and strange corner of the universe is home now.

The Story so Far

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