Positive Traits

Command(+2): Varok are trained from a young age to command soldiers in battle. Allies receive a +1 to Spirit rolls to recover from being Shaken.

Spirited(+2): Varok are sure of themselves and their place in the universe. They start with a d6 in Spirit.

Selected Genetics (+1): Varok are immune to disease.

Low Light Vision (+1): Varok eyes amplify light like a cat, allowing him to see in the dark. He ignores attack penalties for Dim and Dark lighting.

Negative Traits

Arrogance (-2): Varok are haughty. They tend to enjoy humiliating their opponents or challenging leaders. They suffer from the Arrogant hindrance.

Blank(-2): The structured and resilient minds of the Varok prevent them from manifesting psykers, but also keep their thoughts hidden. They may not take the Arcane Background: Psionics edge, but have a +2 to Smarts rolls made to resist Psionic powers.


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